The teaching of Divine Science is just as true today as it was over a hundred years ago when the founders had their realization of the Omnipresence of God and healing. The foundation teaching of Divine Science is based upon the universal principle of God as limitless Being, that is equally present everywhere. That means this living presence of God is expressing in, through, and as you, me, and everyone everywhere. This Divine Presence is before it is visibly manifested in our world, meaning our world is of the same Divine Substance or Spirit of God. Therefore we live in a spiritual world, based upon spiritual law which supersedes physical law.

Divine Science is a practical teaching that can be practiced and applied to everyday living to improve our relationship with God within our self, with others, and in the world for all good to unfold. Divine Science teaches:

  1. • How to come into conscious union with God.
  2. • How to rise above fear, anxiety, and worry.
  3. • How to live in complete harmony with other people and with your envronment.
  4. • How to heal discord of all kinds, both physical and mental.
  5. • How to find your own purpose and work in life.
  6. • How to contact Divine Wisdom in all your thinking.

Divine Science acknowledges every advance in the world of natural science, art, and religion, as the further expansion of God consciousness unfolding in humanity. It proclaims the right of humanity–through right thinking and true living–to health, wealth, happiness, and co-creative power.

Divine Science is a denomination in the Christian tradition, based upon the Judeo-Christian Bible. The Bible is studied and interpreted metaphysically as the soul’s journey of spiritual unfoldment in the understanding of the one God of Love. Jesus the Christ is viewed as our wayshower, our teacher. Christ Jesus attained the highest conscious awareness of God as the living Spirit within, and thus he was given the title of Christ – the embodiment of the Christ consciousness.

The Christ consciousness is the individualized expression of God within humanity. By studying and living these teachings we too shall know the Christ within, “Christ in you, the hope and glory.” Col. 1:27. These blessings are realized through the practice of the royal laws that Jesus Christ gave: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness: and all these things shall be added to you.” Matt. 6:33; and in John 14:34, “That you love one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

The teachings of Divine Science guide people to seek a personal relationship with God for their own realization of Truth. This is done through a systematic teaching based on daily meditation, prayer, contemplation, study, introspection and practical application. Affirmations, prayer and meditation are a means to change our thinking from false beliefs of our self and our world, to knowing and experiencing the Truth in our life as love, peace, abundance, joy, harmony, wholeness, and eternal life. As we live this Truth, we develop a deep relationship to God within, realizing Christ consciousness.

Statements of Truth Principle

Statement of Being
From Divine Science and Healing

There can be but one all. This all in all is God and God manifest.
One is the number of unity. Unity is forever the state of nature of one.

God being Infinite, there is no finite. He is all of Being, creative
action and creation. “I and my Father are one.”

God is Spirit, all of Life, Love, Truth, Substance, Soul and Intelligence;
all of Knowledge, all of Power, all of Presence. Like expresses like;
hence, man is Spirit, life, love, Truth, substance, soul, intelligence, knowledge,

power and Presence, the exact image and likeness of God, co-eternal and co-equal with Him.

Nothing can be manifested that is not before it is manifested.
As God alone is, it is God who is manifested In an ever-present creation.

That which is begotten of Spirit is spirit. I am before I am manifested.
Man is potential in God, and is expressor, co-worker and capable of
Doing His will, demonstrating the nature of Spirit.

Man is Being and existence, created in the image of God’s eternity and
wholeness. There is one Spirit and one body. Individually, we are inseparable.

Statement of Being
from Truth and Health

God is all, both invisible and visible.
One Presence, One Mind, One Power is All.
This One that is all is perfect life,
perfect love and perfect substance.
Man is the individual expression of God and is ever one
with this perfect life, perfect love and perfect substance.

“The practice of the presence of God
Is the whole of Divine Science.”

By Nona L. Brooks