DSFI welcomes each of your love offerings and tithes in support of our efforts to further the teaching of Divine Science. We deeply appreciate those of you who feel drawn to express your gratitude in this manner. Your financial gifts sustain our work to provide spiritual nourishment in various ways, including the Daily Study email, weekly Spiritual Call-In discussion, monthly personal chat with DSFI president Rev. Dr. Tim Stewart and bimonthly Spirit in Action newsletter. We welcome all spiritual seekers to join in the financial support of our dedicated community.

Support for DSFI can also be facilitated through estates, special trusts, personal wills, and insurance policies. We encourage you to talk with your attorney or financial adviser to establish the appropriate method for you.

DSFI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious organization. Your gift is tax deductible.

Loving Source, filling all with your nature of Good, we are grateful to have a growing understanding that we are forever one with the One I Am; and that infinite Good pours through each of us and all creation, revealing wholeness, abundance, peace, and harmony. And so it is.

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